New Gummy Bear Promotion Is A Turkish Delight!

6 09 2011

Continued Growth for Gummy Bear aka Gummibar…

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Digital specialist AT New Media, licensing agent for the smash-hit internet phenomenon Gummy Bear, has revealed that Turkish telecoms provider BN Telecom is enjoying huge success with a new promotional campaign featuring the character.

Gummy Bear (aka Gummibär) is the all-singing, all-dancing icon that has been one of the standout digital hits of recent years. The multi-lingual crooner can sing in eleven different languages and this has led to a monumental international following, making him a huge superstar on the Web, with fans watching Gummy Bear content through sites such as YouTube and MySpace and via a dedicated web presence at Breakthrough hit The Gummy Bear Song has been downloaded an astonishing one billion times and Gummy Bear videos are a consistent presence in the top 5 of the iTunes Dance Music Video Chart. The brand is already well established in southern, central and eastern Europe, where licensed merchandise is flying off the shelves, and has a large and growing fanbase in the UK.

BN Telecom is using Gummy Bear to promote its directory enquiries service, which has led to a surge in usage and also had the knock-on effect of boosting sales of Gummy Bear products throughout Turkey. This is the latest in a series of successful European promotions to feature the brand – commercial partners such as Ifantis, a major food brand inGreece, and McDonald’s in Germany have seen huge increases in sales through associating with Gummy Bear.

AT New Media is currently looking to extend the brand’s commercial potential into the UK and has taken on promotional marketing expert Richard Pink of Pink Key Consulting to help facilitate this.

“BN Telecom is enjoying massive success through its association with Gummy Bear and we are actively seeking UK partners that want to replicate this through tapping into the astonishing levels of popularity the brand enjoys,” says Simon Kay of AT Media. “Having Richard Pink on board will help enormously as he is very experienced in the promotional field and will be a huge asset as we look to extend the brand into the UK market.”

If you are interested in merchandising opportunities for Gummy in Europe, please contact Simon Kay



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