What is the longest license negotiation from interest to signed deal?

18 05 2011

So how long did your deal take…..?

Well, this is something for you all to think about.

Some licensing agreements are duly executed in double quick time, but how long did your longest negotiation take?

From our own experience, we are sure it will be longer than one year.

For us, one of our current projects is undoubtedly the longest one we have ever worked on. Yes, it is now reaching the end of its third, (yes 3) year!!!!

Why do we continue to put up with it? Well not least because the awareness the deal will bring the brand and the potential revenues are potentially very large.

Of course, the brand concerned, is already very big, otherwise it would still not be in negotiation after so long.

After all of that, we are pleased that it is as close as it has ever been to closure and fingers crossed it happens soon.

So over to all of you. Have you ever been involved in a licensing deal process up to, or over, 3 years in length, and if so, was it worth it.

Food for thought we know. Happy Days all 🙂



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