Online Gambling Sector readjusting to over supply of branded content

28 03 2011

Maturing market preparing for manageable growth of branded content...

The Online Gambling market which encompasses slots, poker, scratch-cards and more has seen substantial growth over recent years.

As with any games and gaming sector like this, which is technology based,  and life cycle connected (as they all are), the peak influx of branded content has been and gone.

Like all game and gaming sectors where unbranded content is king for a while, it does not take long for the brands to come flooding in.

Well that happened over the last 3 to 5 years and as much as there have been some great success stories, as ever the “land-grab” with high advances and guarantees for many gambling game rights from licensors has not necessarily paid off.

A review of what works, how many licenses to have on a slate/in an operator portfolio, and what ultimately has failed is coming to an end.

Now watch as not only consolidation occurs but the proliferation of branded content begins to become manageable.

As with many companies, AT New Media has grown with this sector and it is now that all licensors need to become aware of why brands are relevant to this space and particularly why their’s is significant or perhaps not.

Why go in to the space now? What kind of deal is best for my brand? Do I take the cash? Do I build longevity? Do I look at game quality? How can we match consumer retention with the game experience? Why am I different?

Sound familiar?

Well it is…..Every market in games and gaming that has a connection in some way to branded content goes through the same process. However not all brand owners do it first!  You definitely should. For some it may be too late.

Now you will see a maturing market with brands that through, not only their positioning but the game type/genre, and distribution / retention models will likely perform on a more stable basis.

By all means this is not true for all brands but it is a snapshot review of the sector and how it is now moving forward on a much more “realistic” basis when it comes to branded gambling experiences.


This article was written by Simon Kay and he can be contacted via emailing



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