So what are we doing at the moment? A snapshot for you on AT New Media…

18 03 2011

We have been asked to post a short summary on us…..

So what does AT New Media do?

Well the best way to put  it is that AT New Media are a Digital Licensing company focused on games & gaming, and associated  merchandising/music opportunities both on and offline.

The Company offers assistance and strategic management of projects both for the acquisition and sales of intellectual properties for global and local companies whether they want games and gaming deals (including gambling) via inbound or outbound licensing.

AT New Media also assists third parties on how they can build core parts of their strategic move in to the games and gaming sector by the integration of other merchandising initiatives.

Advising brands/licensors/agents on strategy and how to dovetail marketing with licensing within the games and gaming sector is something the company is doing more of.

The services offered by the Company are generally split in to 4 distinct areas (Brands, Content, Merchandise, and Project)

If you are interested in finding out more on what we are up to and what opportunities there could be for you to work with AT New Media, why not drop us a line.

You should also follow our tweets to keep informed regularly on what we are up to



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