Neon Play appoints licensing experts AT New Media

3 12 2010

AT Content Division targets License Acquisitions

Specialist developer and publisher Neon Play has appointed AT New Media’s CONTENT  licensing division to secure top licensed brands and characters for mobile apps and games.

Neon Play Ltd, a successful developer of apps for Apple iPhone and iPad, has appointed AT New Media Ltd division AT Content, a licensing consultancy specializing in the interactive entertainment sector, to seek and secure licences to famous brands and characters on its behalf.

Neon Play has published several successful apps under its own brand. They include Flick Football, which has sold well worldwide and reached the Top 10 Paid App chart in the UK.  The company already has some licensed apps in production and ready to be launched soon in the Apple iTunes App Store, including celebrity comedian soundboards for Armstrong & Miller and Dom Joly.

To further enhance the attractiveness of its many fun ideas for new apps, Neon Play is entering into licensing agreements to acquire rights to well-known brands and characters. For the licensors, there is also the incentive of increasing visibility of their brand and offering entertaining new apps to their target audiences.

AT New Media was appointed as expert in the interactive rights licensing market, with the necessary knowledge, experience and contacts to support Neon Play.

Oli Christie, Managing Director of Neon Play Limited, says, “We knew that we wanted to secure direct licences with major brand owners, but we did not have the necessary expertise and contacts in-house. We are delighted to have found AT New Media and thoroughly impressed by the brands and characters that they are seeking on our behalf.”

Paul Comben, CEO of AT New Media, says, “We are flattered and proud to have been appointed by Neon Play, who stand out among all apps publishers and to have been welcomed so positively by many major licensors, who are interested in understanding the opportunity and agreeing licensing terms.”

If you are a licensor interested in working with Neon Play, please contact Paul Comben via




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