Sportacus to Move the App World

9 11 2010

iPhone Apps targeted for January launch

LazyTown Logo

Lazy Town License Info

We are pleased to announce that Sportacus and all his friends from LazyTown will be bringing their message to the iPhone in early 2011.

Traditionally a time of year when many Parents look to get Active, LazyTown and AT New Media want to assist in moving not only Parents but of course the World, and that includes children and fans of the LazyTown TV Show.

Details on the 2, yes two, products will be available shortly.

Simon Kay, Business Development Director of AT New Media says, “Apps have become a phenomenon over recent times, and the iPhone continues to set the pace. With so many Families now using the platform, it offers a new route for LazyTown to spread the message of healthy lifestyles in its own unique way.”

Watch out for further announcements on the growing interactivity of LazyTown and the show’s continuing drive to educate the World through multiple products.




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