Hey Dude! Bill and Ted are coming to the App Store

24 09 2010

Widebeam to produce Bill & Ted App for iPhone

Greetings, my most excellent friends. A most unprecedented new iPhone app will be  available in October. Widebeam Digital has taken the bodacious expressions from the famous cult classic Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and now you can have them. No Way! Yes Way.

A generation of movie fans that grew up with Bill and Ted’s are now technology lovers and the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Soundboard will provide them with some of the best audio clips of their youth. Using the actual voices of the movie’s stars the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Soundboard is for everyone that loves humor and new technology. This is the first opportunity to own the sounds of history, Bill and Ted style. As well as this, the user will get to jam on the Wyld Stallyns guitar, and download Wyld Stallyn’s inspired ringtones and iPhone wallpapers.

Rand Marlis, CEO of Creative Licensing Corporation, the owner of the Bill and Ted’s licensing rights, said, “We were tremendously impressed by the approach and conceptual work from Widebeam Digital and we are delighted to be working with them. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure has become an iconic movie and the famous expressions from the guys have become part of our culture. We are excited at the prospect of Widebeam making Bill and Ted’s Excellent Soundboard on the iPhone.”

“We are thrilled to be working with such a movie brand as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, said Joe Morsman, Director, Widebeam Digital, the licensee developer of the app. “We look forward to turning Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure into an innovative and viable iPhone application in line with what the Dudes would have wanted. We envisage that this will be a most triumphant app!”

Simon Kay, Business Development Director of AT New Media and Manager of the AT Brands division who brokered the deal, said, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a global phenomena and perfect for today’s iPhone audience. So much fun can be had with the great catchphrases from the original movie.  We are really looking forward to seeing this one perform”

So Party On, Dudes! Be Most Triumphant and join the fans of the Wyld Stallyns. Get the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Soundboard within weeks.



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