Just Dance 2 for Gummy Bear Song

29 07 2010

International Recognition for Gummy Bear!

Gummy Bear License info

Our Merchandising division is excited to announce the first move of Gummy Bear in to the console computer gaming market.

The global internet sensation will appear in the follow up to the phenomenally successful Just Dance franchise from Ubisoft

The track in question is know globally and will engage thousands of fans when the product is launched

You can see the track in question at the following link:


This follows the developing success of the character in multiple territories and additional music releases are forthcoming.

Current Licensees in Southern Europe and now North America are having increasing success and the Merchandising Division of AT Is looking forward to discussing additional licensing initiatives in Europe with potential licensees later this year at Brand Licensing Europe in London.

Please note, the use of Gummy Bear in the Ubisoft project does not restrict the ability for dedicated games around the character to be built and enquiries are now being received.

If you are interested in licensing opportunities for Gummy Bear, in ALL product categories, not just interactive, please do not hesitate to contact our Merchandising Division



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